Create an online presence to challenge the use of ethnic stereotypes by professional sports teams.


After naming my fantasy football team "Whiteskins", I continued to develop an online presence to promote the Whiteskins to a broad range of fans and opponents alike. Whiteskins merchandise is also available for purchase with the proceeds being donated to organizations that promote health and wellbeing among impoverished American Indian communities.

The idea of team uniforms is two fold with the Whiteskins: we have uniform designs that resemble those being worn by actual NFL teams, as at right, but we also have our "real" uniforms, as seen below, which are bought and worn by the ever-growing and unstoppable Whiteskins Nation. The latter uniforms are where the game gets real, traditions get questioned, and money gets donated.

TEAM MASCOT: Chief ee-oh

Many of the teams that use offensive imagery of American Indians in their logos also follow up this insult with the injury of naming their team mascot after a famous American Indian leader or chief, claiming that doing so should be taken as an honor to the deceased leader. Keeping in line with the Whiteskins' satirical position, we have named our own mascot Chief Ee-Oh, or "CEO" for short, after the venerable chiefs that rule our cultures institutions of power and influence.


The Whiteskins homepage is designed to serve as a springboard to briefly introduce content to encourage visitors to interact with the Whiteskins social media and ecommerce sites.