An increasing number of college students discover and gain interest in rugby, as fans and competitors. Raising awareness, sparking interest, and celebrating the sports identity are the primary goals for a rugby conference which struggle for recognition in a conference nationally recognized as a football (American) powerhouse and NFL-star factory.


Rugby is known around the world for the sense of loyal commraderie it fosters among teammates, fans, and opponents alike. The SCRC is able to serve as a hub for such a community by providing easily accessed information concerning schedules, results, player biographies and regional and national college rugby news while also promoting those unique aspects of the sport and its culture.

Logo Development

Based on the dimensions of a regulation rugby pitch, the conference's logomark was developed with the same bold characteristics of the sport itself. Mirroring the ability of players of all positions to maintain uninterupted performance across the entire field of play and often in the end zones as well, the leagues initials powerfully excede the alotted space while creating a blue-white-blue striped pattern reminiscent of a tradtional rugby jersey.


To agressively promote the conference to a potential fanbase which would, without fail, compare rugby to its infinitely more familiar counterpart, collegiate American football, I developed an awareness campaign to challenge football's tough-guy image head-on.