WakeUp Wake County


To develop a visual identity with which WakeUp Wake County can more accurately communicate the urgency for awareness and action around the organization's specified core issues.


In borrowing from aesthetics of road work and construction signage, the revised identity is intended to grab attention while referencing the growth and development projects at the root of the organization's core issues of concern.

Direct Mail Campaign

With the WakeUp logo overlaid in white, each photo square corresponds with information detailing the impact of growth and development on that subject. These sqaures form the basis of a direct mail campaign in which a single-issue postcards are mailed to targeted lists of residents in Wake County to raise awareness of the issues, needs for change, and actions that can be taken.

These icons were created for the purpose of providing quickly and easily recognizable representations of the organization's primary issues of concern.

Print ADVertisements

The following print ads aim to present information releveant to WakeUp Wake County's areas of concern to a wider audience while stressing the need for civic engagement to address these issues.