Haiti Earthquake Benefit Poster

Create a poster for a benefit art & design exhibit that communicates the need to raise awareness and money to be sent to aid in the relief efforts following the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010.

Combine the horizontal red and blue stripes of the Haitian flag with a diagramtic representation of the fault block movements which cause earthquakes.

AIGA Raleigh
Chapter Card

To celebrate the region's tradtions of design and innovation, I focused on somewhat of a cautionary tale in the Catalano House designed by Eduardo Catalano. A native of Argentina, Catalano came to the area to serve as a Professor of Architecture at the School of Design at NC State. The house's distinguishing feature, a hyperbolic paraboloid roof, is shown here in a visual metaphor representing the greater Triangle region. The Catalano House stood in Raleigh until being demolished in 2001.